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Compare the cost savings, simple payback and emissions of high efficiency natural gas heating and cooling equipment and geothermal heat pumps. Simply enter the number of therms (CCF) used annually by your existing heating system and change any of the other variables to fit your system specifications and click submit.
Option 1: Install High Efficiency Natural Gas Heating System (Furnace or Boiler) and Air Conditioner
Option 2: Install Geothermal (Ground Source) Heat Pump
Heating Cycle (Winter)
Option 1 Option 2
Existing Natural Gas Heating System High Efficiency Natural Gas Heating System Geothermal Heat Pump
Efficiency - % for gas heating system and COP for heat pump
Annual Energy usage for heating - Therm or kWh Therms 0 Therms 0 kWh
Energy price* - $/Therm for gas and $/kWh* for electric $0.80
Annual Heating Cost $0 $0 $0
Annual Heating Costs Savings $0 $0
A/C        No A/C