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Natural Gas Vehicles Gain Traction
Oil price instability impacts everything from the price of food and airfare to everyday household items like crayons, deodorant, and dishwashing liquid. The recent run up has put a squeeze on consumers' wallets, motivating them to seek alternatives. The transportation sector is particularly vulnerable to rising crude oil prices, as it accounts for over 70 percent of U.S. oil demand. Driven by demand growth, supply disruptions, and political instability in North Africa and the Middle East, higher oil prices have bolstered prices at the pump. Full article >


Bull/Bear Market Summary  

Natural gas market summary

In each issue of CES Energy News our staff conducts a market overview and comments on factors that affect the price of natural gas, including supply, demand, weather, storage, and the economy. We also provide an outlook for each of these factors. Click here to see this issue’s summary.   Full article >



News feature

Bull/Bear Market Summary

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